Hovercameras, one of our Exclusive Contributors, in action!

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to elevate production value by making drone imagery easily accessible to anybody in the world, from anybody in the world.

We're Focused

We are one of the very first drone-only marketplaces on the planet and plan on being THE name in this space. We are completely focused on this and aren't distracted by other types of footage or media (audio, illustrations, etc.).

We are backed by some big Hollywood names who are not only very excited about this technology, but are great advisers as to what is required in the world of film and TV. Being based in Hollywood definitely has it's advantages!

We love promoting ourselves and we love promoting you! Attention to dronestock.com means attention to your clips. Aside from our personal Hollywood relationships (studios, filmmakers, etc.) we are hitting Social Media and stock-footage-centric placement ads really hard in order to attain our goal as the #1 name when it comes to Drone footage and photos.

We only accept super high-quality footage. This will keep serious buyers coming to the site to buy, because they won't have to wade through tons of mediocre footage. We like amazing!

We Pay Really Well

Nobody pays more than we do, especially if you are an Exclusive Contributor. Here's the royalty breakdown:

  • Exclusive: 50%.
  • Non-Exclusive: 30%

And you don't have to sell a million dollars worth of media to get these rates, either. It's from your first clip. We like easy math. No shell games here.

Exclusive Advantages

  • Industry-Leading 50/50 Royalty Split as described above.
  • We Can Get You Gigs! - See the following section.
  • We can help you. - We will guide you if we feel you could be selling more. Suggestions like "if you did more of...", etc. We want you to be super-successful, because your success is quite literally ours too.
  • We promote you, too. - We don't foresee having millions of contributors like some stock behemoths (we're pretty picky) so there's little chance of your clips getting lost. Plus, we will have spotlight sections on the site dedicated to our Exclusive contributors.
  • Pro Concierge - We understand the time demands this profession can demand so we offer, only to our Pro exclusive contributors, a service where you can send us your hard drive and our pro editors will do all of the grunt work for you: We'll edit clips, we'll keyword them and even upload them for you! It's a pretty sweet deal.

We Get Asked For Specific Footage

In our constant quest to become the biggest name for drone footage we do run across (or get approached by) filmmakers, directors, etc., who are looking for a very specific shot. If you are an Exclusive contributor we will send notices out to those who can fulfill that request. We obviously will charge more for it as it's a custom shot, which means more royalty for you. We will coach you on exactly what they want and will recommend variations to increase your chances of getting "the shot" and also getting other shots that we can put on the site for others looking for similar shots.

You're In!

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