Clip Submission Instructions

First, have a look at the clips on the site right now, to see what you like and don’t like. That’ll help give you an idea of what might work for picking out your clips.

Get an idea of what good shots can be and what to avoid, with this brief Shooting Tips page:


Go through your footage looking for moments that look great to YOU. You want shots that people will like right when they see them, and they will want to buy them for their projects! Each clip should be a separate “thought” of what was being shown. For example a tilt up revealing mountains. Traveling over a river in one direction. Rising up to see a city skyline.

Each clip should be about 5 to 30 seconds long. If it needs to be longer than 30 seconds to complete that shot that’s fine, but usually they should be 30 seconds or less.

  • You can and should stabilize your clip, if there is vibration (or “jello”) in it. Most clips will not need to be stabilized if your gimbal is working right.
  • You can do some color correction or “pump up” the colors a little to make the shot look better, but they shouldn’t be over saturated, because the purchaser needs to be able to do whatever he or she wants with the clip.
  • Make sure to handle moments when a propeller is in the shot (by “pushing” or zooming in a bit, if possible. If too much propeller you probably can’t use the higher export resolutions). There should be no view of any props in the finished clip.
  • Avoid moments when the image is flickering due to the sun hitting a prop on the way to the lens.
  • If you can, avoid moments when the copter shadow is showing on the ground.
  • Make sure to remove any sound from the clips (no copter noise, no music)

How to Export a Clip Using iMovie:

Export the selected clip by going to the File menu and select Share, then pick File.
Then use these settings:

  • Quality: Custom,
  • Compress: Better Quality
  • Resolution: 4k OR 1080p OR 720p (Pick the highest resolution of the clip that you have, whatever the original clip is)
  • Drag the bitrate all the way to the right to the maximum (currently 38.912)

How to Export a Clip Using Adobe Premiere:

  • Format: H.264
  • Export Audio: (Unchecked)
  • Video Tab, Bitrate Settings:
  • Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 pass
  • For 1080p resolution: Target Bitrate 60, Maximum Bitrate 120
  • For 4k resolution: Target Bitrate 150, Maximum Bitrate 250


Once your batch of clips is ready, you'll upload them using the Contributor Upload page:

Release Form

If your clip requires a release form, you can download a basic one here:

Thanks, and happy shooting!

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