What kind of footage and photographs can I buy?

We sell royalty-free video clips and photos captured by drones. We have these resolutions:



  • 4K
  • 1080p
  • 720p
  • even some 2.7K



  • 300 DPI at whatever size they were submitted at
  • 72 DPI, 1000px on longest side


What are your licenses for footage?

Our licenses are Royalty Free. Each purchase allows you to use that clip (or photo) in one project. It can be shown anywhere (unlike some other stock sites!), but if you want to use it in another project you would need to purchase another license for it. It's pretty simple.


Do you offer discounts for multiple clip purchases?

We have been known to for very large projects. Send us a note via the CONTACT US form.


Your footage and photos are amazing, where do you get them?

We agree. ;) We're a global marketplace and have Pro drone operators all over the world. Our library is growing by hundreds of images per day.


Can I request specific footage or photos?

While we don't specifically do "work for hire" because many of our operators are not commercially approved (FAA Part 107, for example) but you can fill out the form at the end of the search page and we will send an alert to our contributing operators to see if they have that kind of footage. We also have what we call the Clip Concierge which is a helpful service we're not charging extra for (yet!).


Do I need to create an account in order to purchase?

Yes, but only because we allow up to 3 downloads of each purchase and that way you have somewhere to go to get those.


I have a drone, how do I sell my amazing footage?

You can apply to be a contributor HERE


How did you guys get to be so awesome?

Hard work and a love of toys, cinematography and photography, of course!

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