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The Story Behind The Shot: Santorini, Greece

The Story Behind The Shot: Santorini, Greece
By Hover Cameras 4 years ago 776 Views No comments

My wife and I were on a trip to Santorini, one of the Greek islands. We had never been to Greece and we decided to pick out one of the really beautiful islands to be our first stop in the country.

Santorini is a big curved island, with the town of Oia at it’s northernmost tips, renowned for it’s beauty. So before we even left for the trip I was scheming to get a drone shot of Oia.

At the time my highest end small copter was a Phantom II, with a GoPro Hero III Black on a DJI gimbal. I had an analog video transmitter setup, with an analog receiver package mounted to my controller. It was a little klugy but I could get some amazing stabilized 4k shots with that setup!

During our trip we took a day cruise on an old-time looking ship, visited the volcanic island near Santorini, took a swim in the hot springs there, and did a sunset cruise off the North coast of the island, right by Oia – perfect! I of course took my drone with me and I got lots of good shots in the first half of the day.

So there I was, over deep water, launching off a moving boat (go ATTI Mode!), trying to get my perfect shot of Oia before the sun went down.

At that moment my video transmitter decided to quite. Some connection went out, or the transmitter itself was having a problem, or something! I decided to go for it anyway, and see what I could get just line-of-site – I was never going to get another chance at the shot. I set my gimbal to a certain tilt position before taking off, that I was hoping would get something good, and the rest of the flight I was just estimating where it was pointing based on squinting up at my copter!

I flew up to about 200 feet, moved up towards the island, and then drew backwards, to make sure the props were out of the shot (again I had no idea what I was looking at). I pull back and came down, and then did a few fly-bys of the ship, and call it a day before anything else went wrong, flying over the ocean.

On reviewing my footage back at the hotel I was surprised and overjoyed to see my shot of Oia, including the town dock below, and the cliffs separating them. The sunset light worked great, and you could see the rest of the island laid out in the background.

Who says you can’t get shots without a video image? ; )



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