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July 2017

Dronestock University: Hovering at Different Positions

By Drone Stock 3 years ago 421 Views No comments

In "Hovering at Different Positions", DroneStock.com co-founder Robert Hogg explains techniques you can use to improve your aerial shots by practicing some basics that will help get you super comfortable with your drone and...

Dronestock University: Recommended YouTube Channel - Drone Film Guide

By Drone Stock 3 years ago 621 Views No comments

We ran across Captain Cornelius's YouTube channel called "Drone Film Guide: Learn to Fly Like a Filmmaker" and were impressed with Stewart and Alina's chops and insight and wanted to pass it along to you. There are some great flying and editing tips for you from the film-maker perspective.

Roger Waters 2017 Tour featured more than a dozen DroneStock clips!

By Drone Stock 3 years ago 433 Views 1 comment

The first in our: "We don't normally know who uses our site's clips" series...

But sometimes we do! And if you manage to get tickets to see Roger Waters this year

Ferarri vs. Drones

By Drone Stock 3 years ago 503 Views No comments

This video was just outrageous enough for us to pass on. Enjoy!

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