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Dronestock University: Keeping Your Rotors Out Of The Shot

By Drone Stock 3 months ago 55 Views No comments

Improve your aerial shots by avoiding the dreaded "props in the shot" which can kill a potentially great shot.

DroneStock University: Taking Off and Landing

By Drone Stock 3 months ago 71 Views No comments

There are probably more crashes within the first few moments of when people own a drone and this video will help you avoid the most embarrassing of them all!

Jaguar Land Rover's new Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) Discovery has built in Drone!

By Drone Stock 4 months ago 48 Views No comments


The Story Behind The Shot: Santorini, Greece

By Hover Cameras 4 months ago 64 Views No comments

Santorini is a big curved island, with the town of Oia at it’s northernmost tips, renowned for it’s beauty. So before we even left for the trip I was scheming to get a drone shot of Oia.

How Using Filters Improves Your Drone Photography

By DronesEtc.com 5 months ago 91 Views No comments

Do you have a drone and do you want to get the best photographs from it? Or are you wondering how you can do so? You might have heard of drone filters before. But you may think you don’t need them. Well, let’s tell you the truth: They are as important as your drone, too.

The Story Behind The Shot: Coronado, CA USA

By DroneStock.com 5 months ago 62 Views No comments

One day we were visiting Coronado Island, in southern California, one of my wife’s favorite spots on Planet Earth. An age-old hotel called the Hotel Del sits on the coast of the island, with a beautiful beach and sand dunes nearby.

DroneStock University: GPS Mode versus ATTI Mode or Positioning Mode versus Attitude Mode

By DroneStock.com 5 months ago 107 Views No comments

Most drone pilots these days fly their copter in GPS Mode (or Positioning Mode), and nothing else. However for professional pilots (or those who would like to be able to get more professional shots), using other modes than just GPS Mode is a big advantage.

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